Our Approach

Our commitment is to ensure that all our Aperee homes operate under the four pillars of

  • Respect

  • Trust

  • Excellence

  • Compassion

These four pillars guide us in our day-to-day interactions with residents, their families/carers and all with whom we interact with on a day to day basis. Choosing to live in a long term care facility is not an easy decision– either for the resident or for their families. Our goal is to make sure that every decision is as easy as possible for those considering long term care. We do that by underscoring every action and interaction with our values. Our overriding desire is that those who trust us with their care are confident with their choice and live their best lives with us.


“I feel at home and secure that the
carers really know what they are doing”

Name of Person
Age 87

You're in Good Hands

Our commitment to our residents is to make a real difference in their wellbeing. This is true of all our staff, whether they work in one of our homes (in reception, activities, housekeeping, laundry, kitchen, building maintenance or resident care), or in our support office. Aperee homes are staffed with committed, well-trained and qualified people whose daily focus is the delivery of care that is compassionate and respectful, built on enduring trust and excellence in standards.

We are extremely proud of our homes, the commitment of our staff, and the care we deliver. Our goal is to ensure that the daily lived experience of the older person who trust us with their care, is safe, comfortable and life-enhancing. If you are thinking about long term care for yourself or a loved one, we would be delighted to welcome you to one of our homes.

To discover more about any of our homes and what we can offer, contact any of our homes.

Skilled Nursing Healthcare

Aperee takes great pride in the expert, multi-cultural and compassionate nursing team led by the Director of Nursing in each home and supported by the Director of Care, Quality and Standards. Nurses are selected for their expertise and a demonstrated desire to work with older adults. At Aperee we celebrate diversity and cherish the richness of the collective experiences and education that our nursing and support teams bring to their work.

The Aperee nursing team regard frailty and old age as a natural life experience. This understanding requires us to have resident experience and quality of life as our primary consideration. Each resident that trusts us with their care knows how they feel and how they deal with their own health and mobility issues. The Aperee nursing team take this into account in the context of their own clinical expertise when working with residents and their families/carers, to develop a plan of care which is centred on each residents choices, ability and quality of life. 


“I feel at home and secure that the
carers really know what they are doing”

Name of Person
Age 87

Types of Care

We ensure that residents
have access to everything they need
when they need it.

High Standard of Living

Person Centred Care

Person centred care means putting residents and their families/carers at the centre of decisions and seeing them as experts working alongside the Aperee clinical team to get the best outcome they desire, ensuring that at all times the Resident makes their own choices in the care and services they receive. Person centred care is not just about giving people whatever they want or simply providing information. It is about considering the residents’ desires, values, family situation, social circumstances, abilities and lifestyles.

Person centred care ensures residents dignity, compassion and respect. It offers coordinated and personalised care, support and treatment. Person centred care supports residents to recognise and develop their own strengths and abilities in order to enable them to live an independent and fulfilling life to the extent that their abilities enable, whilst maximising the residents social connectivity and engagement.

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