Nursing care

Aperee takes great pride in the expert, multi-cultural and compassionate nursing team led by the Director of Nursing in each home and supported by the Director of Care, Quality and Standards. Nurses are selected for their expertise and a demonstrated desire to work with older adults. At Aperee we celebrate diversity and cherish the richness of the collective experiences and education that our nursing and support teams bring to their work.

The Aperee nursing team regard frailty and old age as a natural life experience. This understanding requires us to have resident experience and quality of life as our primary consideration. Each resident that trusts us with their care is an expert in how they feel and how they deal with their own health and mobility issues. The Aperee nursing team take this into account in the context of their own clinical expertise when working with residents and their families/carers, to develop a plan of care which is centred on each residents choices, ability and quality of life.

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