Dementia Care

There are many different types of dementia. The two most common types are Alzheimer’s disease and vascular dementia. People with dementia have unique and complex needs. A person with Dementia faces the challenge of changes in how they remember, think, communicate and do everyday things. Aperee’s team of professionally trained staff are skilled in understanding the challenges and dilemmas that having dementia poses to the individual and their families.

Most dementias are progressive and early symptoms such as short term memory loss, can change as the illness progresses. At Aperee, we are experienced and knowledgeable in helping residents and their families/carers cope with behaviours that might otherwise be considered as challenging.

All Aperee homes are dementia friendly. Our qualified and trained staff have a clear understanding that people with dementia can become easily frightened and can get lost even in familiar surroundings. At Aperee we understand the importance of social interaction and meaningful activities for residents with dementia.

We use a flexible approach to care which aims to prevent problems before they occur. We do this by adapting our care strategies with reassurance and support to meet the naturally changing conditions of people with dementia. We understand that each person with dementia is unique having a different set of abilities and requirements for support which can change as the disease progresses.

Appropriate care planning is vital to the delivery of appropriate and life enhancing care to all residents, but particularly those with dementia. The Aperee clinical team use a holistic and clinically sound approach, ensuring that resident care is appropriate at every stage of their lives with us.Proper care planning, which commences at our first meeting with the resident and their family/carer, continues throughout the residents stay with us.

In addition to effective care planning, Aperee has put in place a number of proven strategies and tools to enhance the life experience of residents with dementia. Each of our homes has a snoezelen room which is calming and life affirming; reminiscence activities are regularly incorporated into daily activities; reminiscence rooms or cabinets are located throughout our homes with memorabilia that residents can relate to; and story times where residents are encouraged to relate fond memories from the past are daily events.

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