Quality of Life

At Aperee, we encourage an attitude that enables staff to empathise, listen to and learn from the life experiences of our residents. This attitude underpins the delivery of care at Aperee to enhance the quality of life not only for residents and their families, but for staff too.

Nursing Care

Aperee takes great pride in the expert, multi-cultural and compassionate nursing team led by the Director of Nursing in each home and supported by the Director of Care, Quality and Standards. Nurses are selected for their expertise and a demonstrated desire to work with older adults. At Aperee we celebrate diversity and cherish the richness of the collective experiences and education that our nursing and support teams bring to their work.

Person Centred Care

Nursing care is delivered in a compassionate, human and person centred way. The delivery of person centred care has a significant impact on quality of life for residents. It is a way of thinking and doing things that sees the resident as an equal partner in planning, developing and monitoring their own care to ensure the care provided meets their needs.

Respite Care

Aperee offers respite care in all its Homes providing a safe transition from hospital to home, or providing long term care givers with short term support in the provision of care for a loved one.

Dementia Care

There are many different types of dementia. The two most common types are Alzeimher’s disease and vascular dementia. People with dementia have unique and complex needs. A person with Dementia faces the challenge of changes in how they remember, think, communicate and do everyday things. Aperee’s team of professionally trained staff are skilled in understanding the challenges and dilemmas that having dementia poses to the individual and their families. 


Aperee Chefs and catering staff are carefully selected for their passion for good quality, home-cooked and interesting food. The catering team is led by our Group Catering and Hospitality Manager who has worked as a Head Chef for many years, and who demands high standards from her team.

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