Our Home is really focused on ensuring residents
are in a calm environment with the knowledge they are free to
live how they choose to.

Ideally Located in the picturesque village of Churchtown in North Cork, Aperee Living Churchtown is a purpose built, single storey nursing home with extensive outdoor space, including a beautiful garden, for residents to enjoy.  Aperee Living Churchtown is easily accessible from the N20 and a short drive from the thriving towns of Mallow and Charleville.

We are perfectly located for those seeking residential care in the greater North Cork area

** Please note that the below photos were taken prior to Covid-19 restrictions.**

Aperee Living Churchtown is a tastefully refurbished home with a unique character. It has 47 bedrooms all equipped with Ensuite wet rooms. Most of our bedrooms are private/single rooms, however we also provide a small number of double rooms for those who prefer to have company.

Our nursing home provides an extensive range of social and nursing facilities.  Residents can choose group or individual daily activities, or simply spend time in our sheltered gardens which offer a secluded sunny outdoor social area.  There are also plenty of private spaces (indoor and outdoor) for family visits.

Other facilities in the home include a hair salon as well as a wide range of lounge areas and social spaces, and a library.  There is plenty of choice for residents to relax in or to socialise with friends and family.

Aperee Living Churchtown has a dedicated team of carers and nurses, expertly led by our experienced Director of Nursing – Elaine Murphy.  Our team are experienced in caring for those people living with memory loss and other conditions of old age. We have offered the highest quality of person-centred care for over 20 years in Churchtown and we would love to show you how our nursing home can help you or a loved one.  Please book a visit or contact our Director of Nursing for an informal discussion on how we can meet your needs.

High Standard of Living

Our bedrooms are large and range in size. They are equipped with Ensuite wet room, under floor heating, wireless nurse call, TV, radio and Wifi. Bedrooms are designed using inclusive design principles and residents are encouraged to personalise their bedrooms to make them as homely as possible.  Personal effects may be added to your room and our maintenance team are on standby to assist with hanging pictures and moving furniture. All our rooms have a garden view and gardens are easily accessible from the home.

Our Chefs and catering team are dedicated to providing you with a varied and nutritious diet which meets your personal nutritional needs and tastes. Ingredients are sourced locally wherever possible and our healthy balanced meals are made from scratch on-site by our highly experienced catering team.

Our regular meals are supplemented by a range of nutritious snacks that are available throughout the day on request.

Aperee Living Churchtown offers a choice of seven separate, beautifully designed lounge / sitting spaces for residents to relax or spend time with friends and family.  Each lounge / sitting room is decorated in its own unique style and has a different view thus creating its own distinctive atmosphere. Depending on their mood on any given day, residents can choose between the bustle of the Atrium, the peace and quiet of the Sanctuary, reading in the Library, watching Sky Sports on TV or socialising with the Aperee Living community in other communal areas.

Our gardens cater to every outdoor taste and need.  Residents can choose to sit quietly in the secluded, sun-soaked quiet spaces, potter among the poly tunnels and raised beds, take gentle walks along the managed pathways or visit the donkeys (Ronnie and Colin) and the hens.

Residents enjoy an eventful and vibrant activities timetable which takes account of special dates and occasions throughout the year.  With facilities for painting, knitting, theatre groups, gardening, etc., we work hard to ensure that every resident can experience activities that they enjoy.  Both group and one-to-one activities are scheduled, ensuring that we meet the needs of every resident. Residents are also encouraged to suggest new activities that they enjoy and we do are best to accommodate such activities.

Our in-house hair salon – Guys and Dolls – is open three days each week and provides all the services of a high street salon or barber shop.  Our salon provides a wonderful social opportunity and is regularly availed of by residents who want to maintain their appearance, try a change of style or simply enjoy the social scene of a salon.

We are extremely lucky at Aperee Living Churchtown to be in a position to provide a wheelchair accessible minivan which is available for resident outings and for individual resident use on request.  Our Director of Nursing would be happy to discuss the process for bookings and use with you.

Types of Care

We ensure that residents have access to everything they need when they need it.

At Aperee, we encourage an attitude that enables staff to empathise, listen to and learn from the life experiences of our residents. This attitude underpins the delivery of care at Aperee to enhance the quality of life not only for residents and their families, but for staff too.

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Aperee takes great pride in the expert, multi-cultural and compassionate nursing team led by the Director of Nursing in each home and supported by the Director of Care, Quality and Standards. Nurses are selected for their expertise and a demonstrated desire to work with older adults. At Aperee we celebrate diversity and cherish the richness of the collective experiences and education that our nursing and support teams bring to their work.

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Nursing care is delivered in a compassionate, human and person centred way. The delivery of person centred care has a significant impact on quality of life for residents. It is a way of thinking and doing things that sees the resident as an equal partner in planning, developing and monitoring their own care to ensure the care provided meets their needs.

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There are many different types of dementia. The two most common types are Alzheimer’s disease and vascular dementia. People with dementia have unique and complex needs. A person with Dementia faces the challenge of changes in how they remember, think, communicate and do everyday things. Aperee’s team of professionally trained staff are skilled in understanding the challenges and dilemmas that having dementia poses to the individual and their families.

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Aperee offers respite care in all its Homes providing a safe transition from hospital to home, or providing long term care givers with short term support in the provision of care for a loved one.

Respite care is short term care (usually one to two weeks, but more if necessary) that enables a person to transition from an acute hospital setting to their own home in a phased and supported manner. It is also a service that provides care givers with relief by temporarily taking over caregiving duties. This allows the primary caregiver some time to rest and recuperate in the knowledge that their loved one is being well looked after. Primary caregivers can then continue providing care refreshed and with renewed energy and interest.

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Aperee Chefs and catering staff are carefully selected for their passion for good quality, home-cooked and interesting food. The catering team is led by our Group Catering and Hospitality Manager who has worked as a Head Chef for many years, and who demands high standards from her team.

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“I feel at home and secure that the
carers really know what they are doing”

Name of Person
Age 87


Healthy lifestyle choices and recreational activities are ‘part and parcel’ of how Aperee Living Churchtown operates on a daily basis as well as facilitating social and community contacts.

Below is an example of some of our day-to-day activities.

  • Gardening
  • Coffee Mornings
  • Religious Services
  • Card Games
  • Afternoon Pub
  • Quizzes
  • Art Therapy
  • Crafts
  • Cinema
  • Bingo
  • Flower Arranging
  • Baking
  • Pet Therapy
  • Men’s Shed
  • Music Club

Our Homes

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Director of Nursing
Elaine Murphy

Visiting Hours
Open visiting till 10pm

Please note due to Covid19 restrictions visitation must be prearranged with the Director of Nursing.

Aperee Living Churchtown 
Co. Cork
P51 F519

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