Aperee Chefs and catering staff are carefully selected for their passion for good quality, home-cooked and interesting food. The catering team is led by our Group Catering and Hospitality Manager who has worked as a Head Chef for many years, and who demands high standards from her team. With her significant experience in working with older adults, our Group Catering and Hospitality Manager understands the importance of nutrition and hydration, food choice and food safety. Aperee works closely with experts in the area of food and food safety and delivers ongoing training to staff in new advances in menu design, food safety, allergens, etc.

At Aperee, we take great care to ensure that our food is prepared using the highest quality ingredients to ensure a well-balanced and nutritious diet for all our residents, regardless of their individual needs. We focus on fresh, seasonal and home-cooked fare and our delicious menus are inspired by local culture as well as innovation in the field of cooking.

While meal times are scheduled to ensure that residents can get the most out of each day, individual needs are also accommodated including different meal times and meals in residents’ bedrooms or quiet areas if that is what is required. In addition to the normal dining times, residents can enjoy a range of lighter meals and snacks throughout the day. Regular drinks (tea, coffee, milk, juices) are offered both a meal times and throughout the day to ensure that residents are appropriately hydrated.

Special diets are catered for including vegetarian, vegan, gluten free and lactose free, as well as food allergies.  When a new resident joins an Aperee Home, we make every effort to learn what the resident likes and we do all that we can to meet their tastes and preferences.  Such accommodations continue throughout their stay with us as likes and preferences can change with wellbeing and as new and interesting foods are added to our menus.

At Aperee we understand that marking an occasion and celebrating happy events such as birthdays, anniversaries, and other special occasions, are important for residents and their extended families and friends. Consequently special occasions are catered for with great excitement and pleasure in all Aperee Homes.  With a little notice we can prepare an event to challenge any other venue and we encourage residents and families to let us know of upcoming events that they wish to celebrate.

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