Our commitment is to ensure Aperee Homes operate under the four pillars of

  • Respect

  • Trust

  • Excellence

  • Compassion

These four pillars guide us in our day-to-day interactions with residents, their families/carers and all with whom we interact with on a day to day basis. Choosing to live in a long term care facility is not an easy decision– either for the resident or for their families. Our goal is to make sure that decision is as easy as possible for those considering long term care. We do that by underscoring every action and interaction with our values. Our overriding desire is that those who trust us with their care are confident with their choice and live their best lives with us.

In order to enhance the living experience of residents who live with us, Aperee aspires to meet the needs of every individual in all aspects of their lives. This includes spirituality, creativity, life-long learning, emotional wellbeing, rest, relaxation and clinical care.


At Aperee we take great pride in the provision of a broad range of stimulating and interesting indoor and outdoor activities for residents. Activities are designed to cover all interests in so far as possible and include a wide variety of interesting and enjoyable pursuits. Participation in activities is dictated by our residents with likes, dislikes, abilities, and activities designed, coordinated and monitored by our dedicated and qualified activity coordinators in consultation with the clinical teams, physiotherapist and residents’ committees. Resident requests can also be facilitated in many circumstances and they are encouraged to bring their suggestions for additional activities to the activity coordinator.

Current activities on offer in Aperee homes include

— Mobile Library
— Gardening
— Coffee Mornings
— Religious Services
— Card Games
— Afternoon Pub
— Quizzes
— Art Therapy

— Crafts
— Cinema
— Bingo
— Flower Arranging
— Baking
— Pet Therapy
— Men’s Shed
— Music Club


Each Aperee Home also features new and innovative technology and equipment that either stimulate the senses (where that is required) or provide a calming and relaxing environment. Snoezelen Rooms are a common feature in our Homes and are designed for individual relaxation.


 Aperee bedrooms and communal spaces are designed by a specialist team of architects as ‘enabling’ environments. Lighting, colour, acoustics, layout and landscape are designed to take account of cognitive, sensory and physical impairments, creating an environment where residents are enabled to live their lives to the fullest of their individual abilities. The carefully planned and thought out design maximises functional ability and wellbeing for people with dementia and other sensory issues (for example, poor eyesight or hearing) as well as providing a safe and inviting environment for visitors, staff and others.

Bedrooms are designed using the same inclusive design principles as common areas and can be personalised for each resident through the inclusion of their chosen personal belongings. Bedrooms are spacious and private or semi-private, with private en suite bathrooms and TV. Nurse call buttons and other safety measures are standard throughout the Home both in private and communal spaces.

Each Aperee Home has a variety of lounges and common areas, and can accommodate small, cosy gatherings as well as larger group activities such as personal or resident parties, performances, etc. Residents can choose the environment that suits their mood on any given day whether that is a need for personal quiet time, uninterrupted time with family or time with friends who share the Home with them.

Reception areas are welcoming, bright and spacious with friendly and helpful staff, and easy to follow wayfinders. Reception is your first point of contact with our Homes and we work hard to ensure that your engagement with our reception team is welcoming and helpful, and establishes a positive relationship with residents and their families/carers for the future.

All Aperee Homes feature a landscaped and user-friendly garden space designed with resident leisure and safety in mind. Gardens are planted seasonally, often with the assistance and advice of green-fingered residents who have an interest in being involved. Gardens feature outdoor seating, raised beds, and where the layout of the garden and resident safety facilites it, water features, green houses/polly tunnels and nature walks. Each garden has paved patio/seating areas where residents can sit in the warm sunshine shaded by our colourful umbrellas and hats. Special care is taken to protect our residents sensitive skin from the sun and sun glasses, sunscreen and other protection measures are the norm.

At Aperee, we use a variety of methods to communicate with our residents, their families and the wider community. This includes both written and verbal communication in the form of letters, newsletters, emails, website, SMS, residents committees (in each Home), training seminars and information evenings, one-to-one meetings and conversations with residents and their family members/carers scheduled. Two-way communication is critical to the delivery of excellence in care and we strongly encourage residents and their families or carers to voice any concerns or raise any queries they may have about the residents’ care, the Home or indeed Aperee itself, to the team looking after them in the Home. We warmingly welcome suggestions for improvement in all aspects of our work and actively encourage the sharing your ideas through the suggestion box located in each Home, or direct to the Director of Nursing. The Director of Nursing and his/her team are always available to meet with residents and families, and to address any queries/concerns they may have.

We value the interaction that our Homes have with the wider community and we actively seek opportunities both for residents to be active in the community – where that is possible – and for the community to come visit our Homes. Crèches, transition year students, theatre groups, volunteers, therapists (including therapy animals) are frequently seen visiting our Homes and engaging in meaningful ways with residents. Our residents are part of the community and the community enhances the lives of residents and staff alike.

"We believe in creating warm and
compassionate environments where
kindness and empathy flourish."


As food is such an important part of daily life for us all, Aperee pays special attention to both the broader dining experience (decor, seating, crockery, utensils) as well as the daily menu.

The decor in dining areas creates a warm and inviting environment where residents look forward to sitting with friends to enjoy the varied and nutritious meals on offer. The decor is enhanced by carefully chosen crockery and utensils, suitable for all abilities and dining garments used to protect clothing are tasteful and dignified.


At Aperee, we take great care to ensure that our food is prepared using the highest quality ingredients to ensure a well-balanced and nutritious diet for all our residents, regardless of their individual needs. We focus on fresh, seasonal and home-cooked fare and our delicious menus are inspired by local culture as well as innovation in the field of cooking. Aperee Chefs and catering staff are carefully selected for their passion for good quality, home-cooked and interesting food.

While meal times are scheduled to ensure that residents can get the most out of each day, individual needs are also accommodated including different meal times and meals in residents’ bedrooms or quiet areas if that is what is required. Special diets are catered for including vegetarian, vegan, gluten free and lactose free, as well as food allergies.  When a new resident joins an Aperee Home, we make every effort to learn what the resident likes and we do all that we can to meet their tastes and preferences. 

At Aperee we understand that marking an occasion and celebrating happy events such as birthdays, anniversaries, and other special occasions, are important for residents and their extended families and friends. Consequently special occasions are catered for with great excitement and pleasure in all Aperee Homes.  With a little notice we can prepare an event to challenge any other venue and we encourage residents and families to let us know of upcoming events that they wish to celebrate.


“I feel at home and secure that the
carers really know what they are doing”

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