Will I have a choice of meals or is it a set menu?

At Aperee, our chefs focus on nutritious meals and snacks, local fresh and seasonal produce, and varied and colourful menus that are suitable for all residents. We understand how important food, food choice and dining experiences are to all individuals and we work with you to understand your food likes and dislikes as well as more complex needs such as those determined by medical conditions of food intolerances/allergies.

Our chefs work closely with our clinical team and dieticians to ensure that each meal is nutritious, interesting and suitable for the individual. Our menus change daily and offer choices within each menu. Menus are based on resident feedback and suggestions as well as individual needs (as assessed by the clinical team including speech and language therapist and dietician).

In summary:

  • Special dietary requirements are catered for Residents are encouraged to eat independently but, where appropriate, assistance is provided.
  • Residents’ diets are monitored and where necessary referrals to specialists are made.
  • Drinks and snacks are available throughout the day in addition to regular mealtimes.
  • Residents are encouraged to eat in our bright dining rooms, but we also accommodate meals in bedrooms where that is requested or necessary.